The Tavern Grill & Restaurant – a perfect place to eat and meet friends, The Tavern Grill offers a good selection of meals and drinks served in a fun and casual vibe. Do try the Farmer’s Market Pizza with added fresh basil. Appetizers come in generous portions. The cheeseburger, Caesar’s salad, spaghetti, quiche soup and calamari are absolute must try dishes.

Ronnally’s Pizza Restaurant – If you are craving for pizza, look no further. Ronnally’s offers delicious tasting pizza with lots of toppings.  Do try out the lasagna and mostaccioli. The extra sauce and meatballs with cheese bread is absolutely outstanding.

Angelina’s Kitchen Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar – Sit back. Relax. It is time to let your guard down and enjoy the best part of the day, the evenings. Evenings at Angelina’s Kitchen Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar are stuff of legend. The place has a lovely, warm atmosphere that hearkens back to the day of 1940s dives but with a modern twist.  Intimate yet casual you and a date will have an amazing and memorable time here. Try out the amazing Tortellini salmon and Sarah’s Favorite.  Order the spinach lasagna or the classic spaghetti and meatballs. They have an excellent assortment of wines to choose from. Do call for a reservation as the place is often packed.

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