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Exceptional Senior Home Care – Safe and Secure

The Geneva Suites provides senior assisted living services and senior home care in Minnesota. We offer exceptional senior residential living that is second to none. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Assisted Living Minnesota

We believe our seniors have worked hard and deserve the best. We believe in superior assisted living care, in a beautiful residential home, with all the amenities included in one price, no surprises, no added charges.  A price that will never change as long as you live in the home.

With so many options for seniors, it can be a bit overwhelming. There is often a feeling of loss when moving out of your lifelong home. At The Geneva SuitesTM we offer a consistent assisted living lifestyle with a few upgrades! A beautiful home that feels comfortable and inviting for you and your family.

Our Assisted Living Homes Offer:

  • Amazing views for relaxation, reflection, and inspiration.
  • Activities that both you and your family will enjoy as well as space for family gatherings.
  • We also believe that feeling at home means feeling cared for and safe. Consider our highly trained team of assisted living caregivers and nurses an extension of your family.

Senior Home Care Minnesota

Our seniors deserve superior care.  At The Geneva SuitesTM superior care is rooted in safety, and encompasses both skilled compassion, and creativity.  We believe in supporting the whole person; our residents’ needs are met on all levels – physically, mentally, and socially.  At The Geneva Suites our residents can expect the very best in physical therapy, medical professionals on-call, personal caregivers, daily activities within each home, companionship, and chef prepared meals.

Our residents enjoy a richer quality of life because we make available strength and balance exercises.  We can achieve optimal health through activities, wellness, and fitness, specifically tailored to our Minnesota Geneva Suites community.  Music therapy is utilized to restore and maintain the resident’s health as well as help them recall memories and fight depression.

Why The Geneva Suites is known for providing “Superior Senior Home Care”:

  • All-inclusive senior home care with guaranteed pricing for life.
  • Struthers Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s trained caregivers.
  • Physical Therapy on-site.
  • Elder Care Dental on-site.
  • Blue Stone Physician Services on-site.
  • Awake 1:3 staffing ratio 24 hrs a day.
  • Freshly prepared meals.
  • RN check-ins with 24hr RN support.
  • Hourly resident “check-ins” (including overnight) either in person or by video monitor.
  • Structured inter-staff communication of resident needs/desires at each shift change.

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