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Private room availability limited

New Standard in Senior Residential Living

The Geneva Suites

Unsurpassed Senior Residential Home Care

Superior Care

1:3 Care Partner to Resident Ratio During the Day

Lifelong Passion

Over a Decade of Dedicated Service

Choose the Best Place for Mom or Dad

The Geneva Suites

All Inclusive

The seniors choosing to reside at The Geneva Suites™ have worked hard their entire lives. Now it’s our turn. We believe in superior care for each resident. We have created a home experience that our residents are proud of, where each member feels safe, supported, and cared for. Residents benefit from round-the-clock, supervised care, every day, even at night. You won’t find that level of care and attention at any residential assisted living facility.

Now serving the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area, each senior residential home within The Geneva Suites provides aesthetically beautiful surroundings in which to reside. From our Eagle Birch home in Burnsville, to the Lighted Oak home in Bloomington, each home has its own unique charm.

This is only the beginning! A new level of living for seniors everywhere – The Geneva Suites is here!