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Frequently Asked Questions



Our goal is to stay in front of this health threat, and to that end we have implemented a new policy prohibiting access to residents by family and friends, except in special cases such as compassionate care.

In addition:

  • Each Care Partner is required to screen him/herself according to the MN Department of Health screening process when arriving for work each day.
  • Each resident is screened following the same process, every day.
  • Care Partners will notify us immediately if they live with, or near, someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Care Partners will notify us if they have traveled out of the country in the last 14 days, or if they plan to travel out the country in the future.
  • Frequency of hand washing is increased.
  • We are daily monitoring the temperature of our residents.
  • Residents are inspected for changes in condition every day.

Yes. The CDC has published recommendations for long-term care facilities. You can read the details here: In addition, the MN Department of Health has issued guidance which you can read here: (link to document: Updated Guidance for MDH-Licensed Providers of Residential Settings with At-Risk Residents | COVID-19)

As the situation with this disease evolves, so will our response and our tactics. Rest assured we are following all recommendations in caring for your loved one. Our goal is keep everyone under our care safe and healthy.

The CDC has recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedures for your home and personal spaces. Please read and follow these preventive measures:

Standard FAQ:

  • Yes, there are NO a la carte Geneva Suites services.
  • This is their home. Please visit often!
  • If you would like to join us for a meal, let us know so we can have an extra meal prepared at no charge.
  • Technology is also available – our Care Partners can set up Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Twin Cities Physicians are on call 24/7 and visit the home each month for those residents who prefer Twin Cities Physicians
    as their primary.
  • RN check-ins, med set-ups, and 24hr RN support are provided.
  • All of our Care Partners are awake while they are at The Geneva Suites.
  • Our number one Core Value is safety; we maintain industry leading awake supervision 24/7.
  • If Medicare and/or Hospice services are needed, we will arrange for services with a Medicare service provider at no additional cost.
  • Our highly skilled Care Partners will be there to support your loved one through changing needs, including end of life care.
  • Yes, our Care Partners are trained to administer medications set up by our nurse.
  • Please discuss any diabetic needs with our nurse prior to admission.
  • We believe in creating an activity schedule based on the needs and interests of our residents.
    So while a schedule exists, it will vary from house to house and as residents change, adjustments will be made.
  • There will be planned activities for every day that focus on cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual goals.
    But, this is their home, and just like at “home”, the schedule will be a bit more flexible!
  • Three meals each day plus snacks and plenty of hydration.
  • Residents are encouraged to join others during mealtime however, if a resident requests a meal in their room, that too will be honored without any additional charge.
  • Our Care Partners are highly trained and are able to provide superior care for residents with cognitive, physical, or even behavioral challenges. 
  • We maintain a 1:3 Care Partner to resident ratio. This provides consistency and stability for our residents to build a trusting relationship with our Care Partners. 
  • With a maximum of 6 residents at each of our houses, we are able to provide the level of care that will make your loved one feel safe and comfortable.
  • The Geneva Suites accepts private pay and long term care insurance.
  • Please contact The Geneva Suites for specific pricing.
  • Residents of The Geneva Suites are encouraged to bring their own bedroom furniture and family pictures can be placed
    throughout the home.
  • Some homes even have space in the common living areas for your favorite chair or other furniture.
    Ask for space availability!

The Geneva Suites was founded by Scott Hemenway and his wife Marlena.  They envisioned a unique care model that combines a community setting with high attention to care that each resident deserves.  Scott Hemenway, Visionary/CEO has said since the beginning, “We love caring for people and that’s the basis for our commitment to do what we do.  Every member of The Geneva Suites team is expected to believe in this most basic yet profound level of care.”

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