Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Guaranteed Pricing for Life” mean?

  • There will never be a rate increase during your stay at The Geneva Suites.
  • Each monthly bill will be exactly the same; bills are based on 30-day months (which means that you get 5 days at no charge).

Is it really all-inclusive?

  • Yes, there are NO a la carte Geneva Suites services.
  • As your care needs change your price remains the same – guaranteed.

How often can I visit?

  • This is their home. Please visit often!
  • If you would like to join us for a meal, let us know so we can have an extra meal prepared at no charge.
  • Technology is also available – our caregivers can set up skype or FaceTime.


What if we need medical attention?

  • Twin Cities Physicians are on call 24/7 and visit the home each month for those residents who prefer Twin Cities Physicians
    as their primary.
  • Weekday RN check-ins, med set-ups, and 24hr RN support are provided.

Where do the caregivers sleep?

  • All of our caregivers are awake while they are at The Geneva Suites.
  • Our number one Core Value is safety; we maintain industry leading awake supervision 24/7.

What happens when the care needs change and get more complicated?

  • We will provide the additional care
    and our pricing will not change within the services we provide.
      If Medicare and/or Hospice services are needed, we will arrange for services with a Medicare service provider at
    no additional cost.
  • Our highly skilled caregivers will be there to support your loved one through changing needs, including end of life care.

Are you able to administer medications?

  • Yes, our caregivers are trained to administer medications set up by our nurse.
  • Please discuss any diabetic needs with our nurse prior to admission.

What type of activities are planned to ensure my mom is enjoying herself?

  • We believe in creating an activity schedule based on the needs and interests of our residents.
      So while a schedule exists, it will vary from house to house and as residents change, adjustments will be made.
  • There will be planned activities for every day that focus on cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual goals.
    But, this is their home, and just like at “home”, the schedule will be a bit more flexible!

How many meals do I get?

  • Three meals each day plus snacks and plenty of hydration.
  • Residents are encouraged to join others during mealtime however, if a resident requests a meal in their room, that too
    will be honored without any additional charge.


My mom has memory issues, is your staff prepared to handle memory care?

  • Yes, our caregivers have gone through extensive dementia training and renew that education on an annual basis.
     Our caregiver to resident ratio, 1:3 during the day provides consistency and stability our residents have come
    to know and trust. 
  • With a maximum of 6 residents and a core team of caregivers, we will build a relationship with your loved one so they
    feel safe and comfortable.


How much does it cost?

  • The Geneva Suites accepts private pay and long term care insurance.
  • Please contact The Geneva Suites for specific pricing.


Can residents bring personal furniture?

  • Residents of The Geneva Suites are encouraged to bring their own bedroom furniture and family pictures can be placed
    throughout the home.
  • Some homes even have space in the common living areas for your favorite chair or other furniture.
      Ask for space availability!


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