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How Time Flies

It’s funny isn’t it, how time flies. It recently dawned on me that it has been 5 years, almost to the day, since Scott and I decided to put our dream of The Geneva Suites into action. We had been working with each other for close to a year in a private pay, homecare company that Scott started in 2002. We wanted to build something unique together so we toyed with an innovative idea of opening residential homes for seniors that would truly be a home for our residents. These homes would be in gorgeous neighborhoods, they would be big and spacious and most importantly they would provide exceptional care!

If asked, most seniors would say, “I want to stay at home.” Our thought was when their home doesn’t work for various reasons, our residential model would be an awesome alternative. Our homes would be designed specifically for caring for seniors, hoping for our homes to be an extension of the family home. A 1:3 caregiver to resident ratio, would allow 24-hour awake support without hovering. Compared to the other residential models, we wanted to set ourselves apart.

Creating The Geneva Suites has been a labor of love with many successes along the way! We have built it from a dream to a reality and have had the privilege to care for more than a hundred residents, in seven homes, since our first home opened in 2016. The caring does not just come from Scott and me, but also an amazingly talented office team and fantastic loving caregiving staff.

Along the way many have asked me, “how did you ever get into this business?” The reality is, I love caring for people; it’s my passion. I love talking about what I do and why. So here I go– this blog will be an area where I can relay the good, the challenging and the heartwarming. I hope to share sweet stories I have experienced, the industry knowledge that I have gained, and my opinions on how we can take better care of our seniors, the greatest generation ever. I’ve never blogged before so feel free to comment, ask questions, and let me know how I’m doing.

Warmly yours ~ Marlena

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Jandeen Boone
4 years ago

Love this! I look forward to my next “Minute with Marlena”!

Tina Vazquez
4 years ago

This will be great Marleen! I look forward to reading more of your blogs!
Warm Regards,
Tina Vazquez

Denise Nelson, RN
4 years ago

Wonderful idea, Marlena to showcase the love, care, and joy provided to your residents in exceptional environments!

Karen Priewe
2 years ago

I’ve enjoyed reading your “a minute with Marlena” posts! I hope it won’t be long until my husband can move into the Eagan Juneberry. Thank you for giving we caregivers the hope of a good existence for our loved ones.