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It takes a village.

Since November is the time of year when most people focus on being thankful, I feel compelled to demonstrate how immensely appreciative I am of our team at The Geneva Suites. Without the support of this amazing staff, it would be impossible to provide the phenomenal care that we offer seniors. When The Geneva Suites started, it was basically Scott (Visionary/CEO), a handful of care partners, and myself; with each of us wearing many hats. I am so blessed that we have grown and created opportunities for many more to be on a team that continues to improve.

Julie recently joined as our Director of Operations; she is remarkable at building relationships with the residents, their families, and our team of care partners. With her vast experience in the health care arena, she has brought accountability and guidelines to our procedural plan that improve the care that we give our residents. Catherine, our Senior Vice President of People Operations, has dramatically improved our hiring process and the quality of the candidates we choose to employ. Her leadership has been instrumental as the Geneva Suites continues to grow and expand. Saadia, our Director of Nursing, has created a genuinely top-notch nursing team. We now have nursing coverage (RN and LPN) in our homes that is second to none, fulfilling a dream that Scott and I have had from the beginning. Matt, business partner and Chief Financial Officer, is fantastic at keeping the business steady, holding all of us accountable and forecasting what Geneva Suites needs financially in the future so that we can grow the organization efficiently and effectively. Katie, our Buyer, ensures our homes are stocked with the necessary foods and supplies. Jose, our Chef, not only creates mouthwatering meals, but also once a week, cooks onsite at one of the homes to create an exceptional dining experience for those residents. Deb, our Scheduler, works with our care partners to meet the needs of the residents and to create consistent schedules for the staff. Tamera, our Experience Ambassador, interacts with the families to understand what they value most and afterwards with the care partners to make sure they address the concerns of the families. Lastly, I cannot forget to stress that we have almost 100 outstanding care partners (I wish I could name them all individually). They are the lifeblood of our homes because their eyes and ears register how the residents are doing and provide the love and care they deserve.

It is this fantastic team that allows me to live out my passion for service to seniors every day. Countless times people have asked, “How do you do it?” My response is, “It is not just me; it can’t be.” Although The Geneva Suites is not perfect, it operates like a village of sincere care givers. We have a whole team that wants our residents to receive care with dignity and respect. A team that wants to grow each day and improve. A team that lives out our core values all day, every day. We are accountable and willing to meet the needs of our residents and their families where they are and adjust as needed.

William Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.” To all on my team, thank you. To all of you who make a difference in a senior’s life to make it better, thank you!

Please let me know who you are thankful for, and let me know how I’m doing. Warmly yours ~ Marlena

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