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Big Progress With Little Steps.

It amazes me how simple things can make big changes in a person’s life. Consistency can often be the magic formula for success in good health. I was reminded of this when I was in our Eagle Birch home. One of our residents, Rae, came to us a little over a year ago unable to bare weight on her legs and needed a mechanical lift for all transfers. Part of her decision to move into Geneva Suites was to benefit from the physical therapy we offer. Our physical therapy program includes working with, Dustin, our physical therapist. He. meets with the residents each week, and creates a daily exercise program that the residents practice with their care partners. Rae has worked hard to regain her mobility and with the support and encouragement of Dustin, she did it! Rae is now standing and working towards pivot transfers. By this spring she hopes to take her first walks outside in years.

All of us have goals that seem overwhelming to achieve. Hopefully, Rae’s story adds a little boost to your steps in attaining your goals.

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