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How To Choose A Home For Seniors

5 checkpoints to find the right fit.

Finding the right fit senior home can feel overwhelming. That’s why I’ve developed a simple checklist to help you navigate this important decision.

1. What Makes You Happy?

Happiness plays a major role in health in the golden years. In choosing a senior home ask yourself, are you happier in private or in a crowd? Do you prefer group activities or just want alone time? Be sure opportunities for happiness is in the discussion of choices.

2. Know your health needs.

Not all homes have the same skills. For example memory care, post-stroke care and physical therapy are completely different skill sets. Be sure the place you choose has people with the skills you need for your specific health.

3. Small versus big.

Smaller, residential homes are a fit for people with higher physical and emotional care needs. Larger facilities are often a fit when the depth of care may not be as acute.

4. Stay close to family.

One of the most important factors in choosing a home for mom or dad is proximity to family. Even a one hour drive can take away length and frequency of family visits.

5. Stabilize your costs.

Some assisted living homes have variable costs based on care condition. What looks affordable on day one may become expensive over time, often with little improvement in care quality. Consider a fixed price cost model.

You have many options when it comes to senior care. I’d love to hear what your experience has been as you have learned about the various choices. Leave me a note below.

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